The Swahili program at Stanford University is under the stewardship of Mwalimu Samuel Mukoma.

Samuel Mukoma

Samuel Mukoma Samuel Mukoma earned his Master of Arts degree in Swahili Linguistics and Literature from the University of Nairobi in Kenya. Living and studying in Kenya, his M.A. thesis (written in Swahili) is a comparative syntactic analysis of Swahili and Kikuyu language phrases. Samuel earned his Bachelors Degree in Swahili Language Education from Moi University in Kenya.

Prior to his relocation to the United States, Samuel taught Swahili language at different high schools and colleges in Kenya for ten years. In the U.S., Samuel taught Swahili language and culture at several universities such as University of Washington, Seattle and University of San Francisco before arriving at Stanford University. In addition to Swahili, Samuel speaks five other African languages.


The following have made immense contributions to the development of  the Swahili Program at Stanford University in the past. Many continue to work in collaboration with the current team:

  • Method Rutechura(Lecturer 2009-2011)
  • Selina Makana (FLTA 2009-2010) smakana at yahoo dot com
  • Sangai Mohochi (Lecturer 2006-2009) smohochi at gmail dot com
  • Regina Fupi (FLTA 2008-2009) rmfupiat gmail dot com
  • Angaluki Mwaka (Lecturer, 1999-2006)
  • Jacob Lubuva (FLTA 2005-2006)
  • Michael G. Wairungu (FLTA 2006-2007) mgw4r at virginia dot edu
  • Yussuf Hamad (FLTA 2007-2008) yushatolly at yahoo dot co dot uk

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